What Can ThermaShield Do for You?

We install spray foam roofing in the Slaton & Lubbock, TX area

Are you planning to invest in your property? Very few property improvement projects will pay for themselves as quickly as new insulation! Whether you want to improve your roof’s seal or reinforce your attic against the elements, you’ll be making a smart choice by hiring the ThermaShield crew.

We install both open and closed cell insulation

ThermaShield is available to install closed cell insulation in barns and agricultural buildings in the Slaton and Lubbock, TX Area. Our process will seal your barn up tight by filling holes and gaps in its structure.

Or, if you want to invest in the place you call home, we install open cell insulation, too. Our residential spray foam will:
  • Adhere to any space
  • Reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Keep your home warmer in the winter
Call 806-786-2373 to request a free estimate for spray foam insulation in the Slaton and Lubbock, TX Area.

It’s Time to Cut Your Energy Bill

With new home insulation from our Slaton and Lubbock, TX Area company

At ThermaShield, LLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to help homeowners and property owners save money on their monthly energy bills. We install cutting-edge insulation that will dramatically reduce the heating and cooling costs at your property. Call us today at 806-786-2373 to request a free estimate for our services.